Ha.thorne /hæ'θɔrn/

hathorne nashville tree

Named for chef/owner John Stephenson’s grandmother, Hathorne welcomes you to your new favorite dinner and brunch spot with the comforts of a family gathering. The hawthorn tree is our symbol for its allure in Irish mythology; it’s thought to bring good luck to the owner and prosperity to the land where it stands.

Love the guest; respect the food

Chef John Stephenson’s culinary viewpoint is ‘new American;’ the ingredients and recipes he’s put together are inspired by his surroundings in the South, yet influenced by the ethnic threads that are woven into American culture, as well as John’s travels. Our menu features familiar ingredients and cooking methods, but they’re presented in special & unexpected ways featuring big flavors full of vibrant colors that celebrate the best of the season.

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fried goat cheese balls hathorne